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Boss BF-2 Flanger Pedal (1985)

Boss BF-2 Flanger Pedal (1985)

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This pedal is in good condition with some cosmetic wear. The rubber backing was removed at some point most likely to attach velcro. The pedal has been fully tested and is working well with no issues. It does not come with the original box.

From a 1986 Boss catalog:
The BOSS BF-2 Flanger offers quiet, clean operation and full functional flexibility and has all the advantages of the BOSS compact format. The BF-2 incorporates a special BBD (bucket chain memory) circuit that greatly reduces the noise inherent in most electronic flangers. The BF-2's controls are Manual, Depth, Rate and Resonance. The manual control determines the delay time of the sound; the control range is 1 to 13 ms. By turning the manual control all the way to the left, the BF-2 has the effect of a non-sweep filter with adjustable equalization and ambient tonality.
The Depth control sets the sweep range when the Manual control is in the mine position. The sweep speed can be adjusted from 100 ms to 16 s using the rate control. With the Resonance control, the flange effect can be intensified by regenerating the signal.
The BF-2's input impedance of 470 kOhm makes it ideal for guitar, bass, keyboards, and mixing on stage and in the studio. Combined with unsurpassed quality and flexibility, the BF-2 is one of the most universally applicable effects devices on the market.

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