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Boss DS-1W Waza Craft Distortion Pedal (Used)

Boss DS-1W Waza Craft Distortion Pedal (Used)

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Pedal is in fantastic condition, with no damage or wear. The original ower had put velcro on the back that removed some of the back sticker. Comes with the original box.

From Boss

Introduced in 1978 among the earliest models in the BOSS compact series, the orange DS-1 redefined the sound of distortion and remains as influential today as ever. Its hard-edged attack and smooth sustain have made it the best-selling compact effect to date, and its distinctive tone is behind the signature sounds of a long list of rock and alternative icons. With the DS-1W, this legendary stomp joins other BOSS classics in the Waza Craft series, fusing the look and character of the original with a newly revised discrete all-analog circuit for expanded range and versatility.

Two Modes, More Tonal Range
With its two modes and discrete all-analog circuit design, the DS-1W expands the DS-1 experience for a broader range of styles and applications. Call up Standard mode and play with the tight, hard-edged tone and singing sustain of the original pedal. Or switch on Custom mode for a bold new sound that takes the unmistakable DS-1 character to the next dimension.

• Newly revised two-stage gain circuit with discrete analog components
• Standard mode delivers the legendary sound of the original DS-1
• Custom mode provides fatter distortion tones with focused midrange and increased touch response
• Versatile Tone knob provides wide-ranging frequency control fine-tuned for each mode
• Two modes offer increased versatility when the pedal is used as a gain booster
• Premium buffer for clean and clear tone when bypassed

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