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Daion Mugen Series Mark III Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (1980's)

Daion Mugen Series Mark III Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (1980's)

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This is a super cool Japanese made acoustic that we've dated to sometime from the 1980's. Originally the Daion was the name of the wholesale company that sold and distributed Yamaki guitars in Japan. At some point in the late 1960's Daion began exporting guitar to both the USA & Canada under the original Yamaki. In the early 1970's Great West Imports and Daion negotiated a deal to import the Daion branded instruments into Canada through Vancouver as Great West was already doing so for the Yamaki brand.

This model sports all the features of the Daion Mark III Maple model such as the spruce top as well as the maple back, sides, bridge, neck & fretboard. On the neck block on the inside is a Yamaki style model number AY032D. Most of the images we've seen of this model from catalogs show this model as having no pick guard so either one was added at some point to match the other guitars in this series or there was a factory run with the pick guards installed. This guitar is also missing the Daion branding on the hell cap. This particular guitar has a passive transducer pickup that we believe was installed at some point and was not stock to this model. Overall this guitar is in good shape, there is some noticeable wear on the body and neck. The frets have some noticeable wear but it is still playing well as it is. It does not come with case or gig bag.

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