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Digitech GNX4 Guitar Multi-Effects Workstation (Used)

Digitech GNX4 Guitar Multi-Effects Workstation (Used)

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Unit is in good shape with very minimal wear and tear. Fully tested and 100% working. Comes with the power supply as well as the original software CD's.

Please Note: This product is not on our sales floor, if you are coming in-store to check this out or purchase it please ask our staff and we will get it out of the back for you.

From Digitech

Meet the GNX Series' top-of-the-line model. The GNX4 doesn't replace the award-winning GNX3 - it just takes the GNX3's groundbreaking guitar workstation concept to the next level.

  DigiTech GNX4 at a Glance:

  • Incredible Effects and Guitar/Bass Amp Models
  • A Built-In MIDI Drum Machine!
  • 8-Track Digital Recording On Board!
  • Professional reverbs from Lexicon!
  • Connect To Your Mac or PC!

Incredible Effects and Guitar/Bass Amp Models
First and foremost, the GNX4 is a complete effects and amp modeling processor for guitar and bass. Built in are 15 guitar amp models, 10 bass amp models, and 10 models of legendary distortion stompboxes. Using the GNX4's Hypermodels feature, you can use the Warp knob to morph between amps and cabinets to create your own signature sounds.

A Built-In MIDI Drum Machine!
The GNX4's MIDI drum machine sounds so realistic you'll look for the drum stick chips. It has a vast library of high quality kits and patterns or you can use your own MIDI files. Plus, the GNX4 can even play back your favorite MP3s. Download lessons from guitar magazines or play along with songs you uh, bought legally from one of those authorized download sites.

8-Track Digital Recording On Board!
When you're ready to record, so is the GNX4. To capture that magic riff, just press the "Record" footswitch and save the moment onto the CompactFlash memory card for transfer later to computer.

Professional reverbs from Lexicon!
For the finishing touch, process your work through world-class Lexicon reverbs courtesy of the Pantheon reverb plug-in. With 35 factory presets, 6 reverb types and a simple yet powerful user interface, Pantheon is an indispensable tool for your GNX4-based recording setup.

Connect To Your Mac or PC!
Connect to your Mac or PC via the USB port and unleash the real power of the GNX4's recording capabilities using the included Pro Tracks Plus recording software for your PC or Bias Deck 3.5 SE for your Mac. Stream four channels of 24-bit audio from your GNX4 to the computer simultaneously while listening to two-channel playback with zero latency.

DigiTech GNX4 Features:

  • 15 guitar amp models
  • 10 bass amp models
  • Distortion stompbox models
  • Hypermodel creation-unlimited tones
  • Built-in 8-track digital recorder
  • 6 channels of audio streaming via USB
  • MP3 playback
  • Mic preamp with Phantom Power
  • Stereo line inputs
  • Built-in MIDI drum machine
  • Compact Flash memory
  • XLR & 1/4-inch stereo outputs
  • 80 user, 80 factory presets
  • 24-bit analog to digital conversion
  • Recorder remote control via optional GNXFC
  • Includes bundled software for Mac or PC

Put 4 on your floor with the GNX4!

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