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Dr Scientist

Dr. Scientist BitQuest

Dr. Scientist BitQuest

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The BitQuest is a compact, multi-effects pedal featuring 8 fun and adventurous patches.

The pedal affords easy control over every parameter (no complicated menus or presets), opening the gates to previously undiscovered sonic territory.

A rotary switch lets you access 8 effects, namely filtering, flanger, reverb, bit crushing, ring modulation, pitch shifting, notch filtering, and glitch delay.

Each effect has a clean and dirty version, selectable via a toggle switch.

Dirty mode gives each patch a cool digital distortion control with noise gate. Clean Mode takes away the fuzz and adds an extra control parameter.

The possibilities contained in BitQuest are endless: be adventurous!

Dr Scientist BitQuest features:

• 8 custom programmed digital effects in 1 small box.

• Effects include filter, flanger, reverb, bit crusher, ring modulator, pitch shifter, notch filter, and glitch delay.

• Clean and a dirty mode for each effect.

• Dirty mode adds a fuzz to the mix for extra fun!

• Full control over wet/dry mix.

• Expression pedal control over CTRL1.

• True Bypass.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: 75mA.

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