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Dunlop Tonebars

Dunlop Tonebars

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Stainless Steel Tonebars.

918: 2.3125" X .75"

919: 2.75" X .75"

920: 3.25" X .875"

9217/8" diameter x 3-1/4" long (7.5 oz.)

925: This ergonomically designed chromed brass tonebar fits the three primary playing fingers, giving more comfort and better control.

926: This chromed brass tonebar features a larger radius for added sustain and vibrato, a re-designed body for a more comfortable grip, and new side angles.

927: This tonebar has the same ergonomic features as the Lap Dawg Tonebar, but it's increased length makes it ideal for players with big hands.

928: This chromed brass tonebar is lightweight and comfortable in the hand, just the way Ben Harper needs it to be when he plays his Weissenborn lap steel guitar. Weight 5.44 oz. 3/4" X 3".

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