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Epiphone Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Century 18-Watt 1x12 Guitar Combo (Used)


Amp is in shape shape, having been well maintained by the original owner. There a couple wear spots on the amp but overall it's in very good shape and 100% working as it should. The numbers vary but there were approximately only around 3000 of these made according to various sources.

From Epiphone

If you hopped in your time machine and went back to the late 1930s when the notion of a guitar amplifier was really first starting to emerge, you might just stumble across one of the rare amplifiers that inspired Epiphone to celebrate their 75th anniversary with this limited edition 1939 Century Amp. An 18-watt, all-tube combo amplifier with three distinct voices, the 1939 Century Amp offers up a little piece of history with a couple of modern touches. For instance, while it retains the original three inputs (bright, normal, and dark), there's also a footswitchable gain boost onboard, taking your tone from clean to extra wooly in an instant. And thanks to the internal bias adjustment, you can fine-tune this limited-run amp just the way you like.

 Epiphone Limited-edition 1939 Century Amp at a Glance:

  • 18 watts of tube tone that will totally blow you away
  • Triple the inputs for triple the tonal options
  • It doesn't get much more vintage than these appointments

18 watts of tube tone that will totally blow you away

A mere 18 watts may not sound like much on paper but you'll be amazed by how much volume you'll get from this Epiphone 1939 Century Amp. Loaded with a pair of 6V6s and a pair of 12AX7s pushing a custom-built 12" Electar speaker, this pint-sized combo amp delivers all the warm and wooly tube amp goodness you could ask for. And as a bonus, it's even got an internal bias adjustment knob so you can dial this amp in to perfection.

Triple the inputs for triple the tonal options

True to the original late-'30s amplifier the 1939 Century Amp was based on, this combo gives you a trio of inputs to select from for a wide range of vintage tone. Plug into the normal input for straight-up full-range tone, tame the highs by plugging into the dark jack, or tap into classically bright sound with the bright input. It's like having three amps in one!

It doesn't get much more vintage than these appointments

Epiphone's 1939 Century Amp captures the vibe of a classic amplifier built in the hight of the Art Deco movement, right down to the bent rims, vintage grille cloth, and even the 6-point star screws that hold it all together. Just like the original, the 1939 Century Amp gets a dose of grab-and-go convenience from an all-metal handle, and the handmade laminated maple cabinet practically shines with the artistic touch of a bygone era.

Epiphone Limited-edition 1939 Century Amp Features:

  • An extremely limited-run vintage-style amplifier inspired by the earliest tube amps of the late 1930s
  • Classic Art Deco look includes laminated maple cabinet, old-time grille cloth, all-metal handle, and 6-point screws
  • 18 watts of tube-fired tone push a special 12" Electar speaker for a truly vintage combo amp sound
  • Plug into 3 inputs (bright, normal, and dark) for a wide range of classic guitar amplifier tone
  • Pull the volume knob for an instant gain boost or hook up an optional footswitch for hands-free convenience
  • Powered by 2 x 6V6 and 2 x 12AX7 tubes with internal bias adjustment knob for fine tuning

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