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Fender Custom Shop 4-Way Telecaster Switch

Fender Custom Shop 4-Way Telecaster Switch

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Whether you need to replace a worn switch or just want to add a little tonal variety to your favorite instrument, Fender® offers this high quality, 4 position switch with knob and mounting hardware.

Telecaster players have long debated the merits of having their pickups wired in parallel vs. in series. In the traditional parallel wiring configuration, pickup output is relatively consistent across all three positions. A Telecaster with its pickups wired in series differs in that when both pickups are on at the same time, the combination produces fatter tone and higher output. This switch allows players to have both wiring options at once.

The resulting pickup combinations are:

  • Position 1: Bridge Pickup (standard Tele)
  • Position 2: Bridge & Neck Pickups in Parallel (standard Tele)
  • Position 3: Neck Pickup (standard Tele)
  • Position 4: Bridge & Neck Pickups in Series (fatter tone than position 2 and more output than positions 1, 2, or 3)

The ground must be lifted from the rhythm pickup cover and an additional group wire added to maintain its shielding capability. Players with reverse wound, reverse polarity pickups such as Fender's Texas Specials receive the additional benefit of hum cancellation in positions 2 and 4.

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