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Fishman Platinum EQ/DI Analog Preamp w/Box (Used)

Fishman Platinum EQ/DI Analog Preamp w/Box (Used)

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This pedal is in very good condition with no damage and very little visible wear. It has been fully tested and is working well. The original box and packaging is included.

From Fishman

The Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Preamp/EQ/DI gives players an all-in-one stage tool that's perfect for small stages and large venues alike. The Pro-EQ Platinum includes easy-to-use controls that let you quickly dial in a natural acoustic sound that fills any room, without fear of feedback. This unit includes an effective 4-band EQ, feedback-fighting notch and phase controls, and Fishman's exclusive "Voltage Doubler" technology, as well as their Smooth acoustic compression circuit. You also get a balanced XLR out, XLR pre/post EQ switch, and a ground lift switch on the Pro-EQ Platinum.

Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Preamp/EQ/DI at a Glance:

  • Effective EQ
  • Improve your pickup's dynamics and clarity
  • Pro-quality I/O features

Effective EQ
The Pro-EQ Platinum's four-band equalizer is modeled after Fishman's gig-proven Prefix Plus onboard preamp, with sliders that are assigned to just the right frequencies for acoustic equalization. A semi-parametric midrange control employs a "constant Q" filter for more precise and consistent tone adjustments. Also borrowed from the Prefix design are feedback fighting phase and notch controls.

Improve your pickup's dynamics and clarity
The Pro-EQ Platinum features Fishman's exclusive "Voltage Doubler" technology, which improves both the dynamics and clarity of any pickup. Another innovation utilized in the Platinum is the Smooth acoustic compression circuit. This control removes the harsh percussive edge from your amplified sound when you play hard.

Pro-quality I/O features
Sound engineers will appreciate the Pro-EQ Platinum's pro-quality features, which include a balanced XLR out, an XLR pre/post EQ switch, plus optional 48-Volt phantom power operation. This means no more batteries or wall warts if your mixer has phantom power. Unique to the Pro-EQTM Platinum is a hum-killing ground lift switch that works even when phantom power is applied to the preamp.

Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Preamp/EQ/DI Features:

  • Input gain and master volume controls
  • Feedback-fighting phase switch and notch filter
  • XLR DI (with ground lift and pre/post switches) for pro sound and recording
  • Exclusive voltage doubler circuit for more clarity and greater dynamics
  • Easy-access battery compartment
  • Tuner/send output
  • Rugged injection-molded case
  • 3-way power from 9V battery, 48V phantom or AC adapter
  • 4-band acoustic EQ with sweepable mid-range
  • Smooth acoustic compression function
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