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Gretsch Clipper Model 6185/6186 w/Case (1970)

Gretsch Clipper Model 6185/6186 w/Case (1970)

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Vintage Gretsch Clipper from 1970 in good shape!

Plays well with low action and sounds amazing!

This is a very interesting guitar as it has some unique features. The body has the characteristics of a 6185 Clipper while the neck and tailpiece are characteristic of a 6186 Clipper. Additionally, the pickups have been swapped out for vintage Hi Lo Tron pickups. Other notable features include swapped out tuners and an older style bridge. 

It plays well with low action and light strings but could use a fret dress in the future.

The neck and body are original as is the walnut finish which  appears to be unique for this era of Gretsch.  At some point the neck was re-glued and while the angle is good, it isn't a tidy looking neck joint.  Significant binding deterioration on this instrument but no pieces are loose on the guitar.

Overall this is a very unique Gretsch Clipper that has lots of mojo, and is a great player grade instrument. 

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