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Harmony S-63T Tenor Guitar (1960's)

Harmony S-63T Tenor Guitar (1960's)

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Vintage Harmony S-63T Tenor guitar from the 60's. A great player's grade Harmony that has potential to be stellar if someone is up to putting in the work to adjust the playability. 

Cosmetics: In good cosmetic shape but has a few notable changes, an aftermarket pickguard was installed below the sound hole and some residue was left on the other side of the sound hole where another pickguard was removed. It is also missing two bushings for the 2nd and 3rd string tuners. The original bridge screws have also been removed but the bridge is still glued and holding well. Other than that it looks great with some nice finish checking. 

Playablity: Like a lot of Harmony guitars from this era it would benefit from a neck reset as the action gets high up the fret board. However it is playable up to the 5th fret with medium action. We measured the action on the C string to be 2/32" at the 1st fret and 5/32" at the 12th fret. 

Sold with an era correct chipboard case. 


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