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Ibanez Tone-Lok PM7 Phase Modulator Pedal (2000's)

Ibanez Tone-Lok PM7 Phase Modulator Pedal (2000's)

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First appearing in 2002, the Ibanez PM7 was part of the Tone-Lok series of pedals. It featured controls for speed, depth, manual & feedback as well as three way switches for wave form and for the three different modes (Vintage, Deep & Dry, Deep & Pronounced) The main attraction to the Tone-Lok pedals were the "set & forget" Push-Lok knobs that can be pushed into the pedal when done adjusting to ensure your knobs don't move and change your settings. 

This pedal is in good condition with some minor wear to it. The original sticker on the back is mostly gone but otherwise everything is original and in good working condition with no issues. It does not come with the original box.

Info From The 2002 Ibanez Catalog

 "If you've gone through one phase after another, maybe it's time for the final phase. The PM7 Phase Modulator offers three types of waveforms to give you everything from classic phaser to DJ effects to toy ray gun sounds. Since good things come in threes, the PM7 also has three phase stages: vintage, deep and dry, and deep and pronounced. With some minor tweaking, the PM7 goes from traditional to 21st century sound and beyond"

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