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Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer Classic Overdrive (1986-1990)

Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer Classic Overdrive (1986-1990)

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This pedal is in very good condition with only some minor visible wear. We have cleaned out the pots and jacks and the pedal is working great with no issues. It does not include the original packaging. 

From the Ibanez Catalog

"The TS10 Tube Screamer Classic is the original Tube Screamer that Ibanez became famous for. it provides the sound of an overdriven tube amp. It features a DRIVE control to vary the intensity of the distortion, a TONE control for equalization and a LEVEL control that varies the overall gain when the distortion is engaged. This is the sound that first made rock and roll famous"

The original manual can be found at this link

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