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Kay Model 505 "Twin Eight" Hi-Power 2x8" Tube Guitar Combo Amp (1960's)


The K505 model of amps was available in the early 60's as a mid-range amplifier in the Kay product line. This amplifier is in good working condition and cosmetically is holding together well for its age. A 3 prong power cable we installed previously and some tubes have been replaced (a JJ 12AX7 in the preamp as well as a matched pair of JJ 6V6S power tubes) The two 8" speakers are original and still sounding great. Both volumes as well as the master tone control work with no issue. At 12 watts, this is a great little recording amp but due to the low wattage it can have a great rock sound with the volume pushed high. A pair of original USA made Sylvania tubes are included as well.

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