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Krivo Pickups

Krivo Humbucking Pickups for Resophonic Guitars - Silver

Krivo Humbucking Pickups for Resophonic Guitars - Silver

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These amazing pickups are only 6mm thick and install and remove in seconds. Excels with ALL types of strings including phosphor bronze, Monel,™ and nickel. Available in nickel silver, mahoghany wood, and Black (see photos).

The Krivo Humbucking Pickup for Resophonic Guitars is optimized tonally and aesthetically to suit both metal and wood-bodied resonator instruments including squarenecks, single cones, tricones, and dobros. My proprietary ​Optimized Microphonics winding technique faithfully captures the sound of your particular instrument. No preamp is necessary, just plug in to any guitar or acoustic amp, or via a direct-box straight into a P.A. system. The pickups mount and remove effortlessly with included finish-safe putty and the 1/4 female jack conveniently mounts to your endpin strap button: just plug in a standard guitar cable and you are ready to play! 

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