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Line 6

Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler (Used)

Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler (Used)

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Pedal is in good working condition, with very little wear and no damage. The stickers that denote the controls for each preset sound have been stuck to the top of the instrument. The original box is included as well as an aftermarket power supply.

WARNING: This pedal requires the use of a 9v AC center positive power supply (like the one included) Usage of any other power supply may result in damaging the pedal.

From Line 6

The Mu-tron Bi-Phase; the Korg X911 Guitar Synth. Are these rebel fighter ships from The Empire Strikes Back? Or maybe proton thrusters from outtakes of Babylon 5? Nope. These, and the other 13 techy tone temptations loaded into Line 6s galactic-purple FM4 Filter Modeler stompbox, represent the outer limits of guitar filter effects, a territory many consider to be todays most fertile terrain for discovering new sounds, timbres and tone colors.

In looking forward, Line 6 first looked back, to the filters, vocoders and guitar synths that players from Frank Zappa and Ernie Isley to Robert Fripp and Peter Frampton have made synonymous with creative guitar playing. The Throbber will have your tone gurgling with synth-approved LFO from four wave shapes, including square or triangle waves; Tron Up/Tron Down literally drips with auto-wah style response in either Low-, Band- or High-Pass varieties; Synth-O-Matic simulates the notably nasty filter sections and wave shapes of prized vintage synths from the Prophet 600 to the legendary Arp Explorer.

Of course, you already use a filter effect all the time; every Wah-Wah pedal is a variable filter, and the FM4 includes a superb Q Filter that allows you find and fix that golden frequency notch, in the same spirit as parked wah practitioners like Queens Brian May and soul superstar Prince. Want to make it a more traditional wah? Just hook up the optional EX-1 expression pedal, and save a Q Filter sound to both a low frequency (heel down on the EX-1) and a high frequency (toe down on the EX-1) and youve got a more versatile wah than any off-the-shelf pedal, not to mention a pristine 24-bit signal path, stereo ins and outs, and true bypass switching.

Like all Line 6 stompbox Modelers, the FM4 boasts a simple and sturdy front panel design, with four footswitches for saving and recalling your sounds, and six knobs for selecting models and tweaking parameters, with distinct assignments for each knob depending on the model youve chosen. The Line 6 FM4 is for the true explorer of new sonic galaxies; expect to be surprised, stimulated and encouraged to absolute synth-fulness...

Available Models:
Tron Down
Tron Up
Voice Box
Spin Cycle
Comet Trails
Slow Filter
Attack Synth
Sytnh String
Q Filter

FM4 Specifications
Digital Effects 16
Factory Presets 20
User Programmable Channels 4
Controls Effect Selector, Freq, Q, Speed, Mode, Mix
Mono/ Stereo Stereo in/ Stereo o

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