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MayFly Audio

MayFly Audio Demon Girl Fuzz

MayFly Audio Demon Girl Fuzz

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The Demon Girl is inspired by the classic British Fuzz tones from the 1960s. In addition to 'volume' and 'fuzz' controls, it features a unique 'crush' control that is a combination tone and compression knob. Epic tone, cleans up nicely with guitar volume, and marvellous after a wah pedal. This along with full-bypass using relays featuring Mayfly's "Fail Safe" circuitry, and you have a killer fuzz for all your fuzz needs. Artwork by Sabine Elliott.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, MayFly designs and builds high quality, boutique, audio equipment. Our main products include guitar effects pedals and audiophile loudspeakers. All products are designed, made, and tested in Canada.
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