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MayFly Audio

MayFly Audio My Evil Twin Delay with Modulation

MayFly Audio My Evil Twin Delay with Modulation

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Up to one second delay with pitch-shifting modulation. And that modulation! Pitch shifting modulation on the repeats which makes those delays sound MASSIVE! And the modulation is foot-switchable: leave it on for those big clean chords, and turn it off when you kick in the overdrive for that crushing solo.

  • Repeats controllable from one to infinite.
  • Mix control to perfectly dial in the amount of effect.
  • Tone control to adjust the tone of the delayed signal from a hard bright room to a soft dark room.
  • Foot-switchable pitch shifting modulation with Speed and Intensity controls.
  • Full bypass wth fail-safe relay control; the effect is automatically bypassed if the pedalboard looses power.
  • 9V DC input. 71mA.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, MayFly designs and builds high quality, boutique, audio equipment. Our main products include guitar effects pedals and audiophile loudspeakers. All products are designed, made, and tested in Canada.

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