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MayFly Audio

MayFly Audio The Goddess Dual Analog Chorus

MayFly Audio The Goddess Dual Analog Chorus

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The Goddess is a dual chorus with foot-switch selectable sides.  The A side is tweaked for slow Leslie-style modulation, and the B side is tweaked for faster, more extreme sounds. Move seamlessly between these two with a press of a button.  The Goddess uses NOS Panasonic delay chips in a classic circuit for an unrivalled chorus sound.  Add to this a stereo output, wet/dry mix control, and relay based full-bypass switching with failsafe, and you have one incredible pedal.  Dedicated to all of the goddesses out there.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, MayFly designs and builds high quality, boutique, audio equipment. Our main products include guitar effects pedals and audiophile loudspeakers. All products are designed, made, and tested in Canada.
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