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One Control Crimson Red Bass Preamp

One Control Crimson Red Bass Preamp

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The CRIMSON RED BASS PREAMP allows us to relive the sounds of bass amplification before extreme clarity, thanks to 400W amps and tweeters, was a thing in the bass world. The CRB reproduces the sound similar to a single 15" or 18" setup.

CRB allows you to control 3 main characteristics:

Volume: Output volume

Brilliance: Bandwidth control. At maximum, treble can pass. Whereas at the most counter-clockwise position, only bass is amplified.

Gain: Boost control.

The CRIMSON RED BASS PREAMP can be used as a preamp to modern bass amplification setups while bringing back that old school feel of a 60s upright bass and 70s electric bass.
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