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One Control Dimension Blue Monger Chorus

One Control Dimension Blue Monger Chorus

The DIMENSION BLUE MONGER is a modulation pedal tuned like a flanger in terms of delay time. However, without feedback, the DIMENSION BLUE MONGER creates a chorus type sound that can be set to make up five choruses in parallel. This causes a diffusion and complex chorus sound while maintaining the incredible clarity of every single note.

COMPLEXITY: Adjust modulation speed and depth with one knob. At counter-clockwise position, produce a standard chorus sound. At the most clockwise position, the modulation becomes bolder and more complex.
COLOUR: Adjust overall brightness of the tone.
MIX: Adjust dry/wet balance of the overall effect. Choose between a predominant effect or an effect that appears only at the tails of phrases.

The Chorus effect is achieved by mixing dry signal with delays and modulation. The result is a number of peaks and notches which move slightly up and down the frequency spectrum, a pattern similar to water ripples.

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