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One Control Tiger Lily Tremolo

One Control Tiger Lily Tremolo

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Bjorn's Description
The Tiger Lily is a tremolo pedal that allows for the mellowest of sounds to appear only at the tail of musical phrases. In order for the pedal to have a broad range, I included several controls to give the user complete control. AMPLITUDE control and DEPTH affects different parts of the circuit. This unique combination allows the player to alter the tremolo sound ever so subtlety. Whether you want a predominant tremolo sound, or a lighter presence, the controls on this pedal will help to make your vision come to life.

To set a mild tremolo, use minimum DEPTH and adjust the AMPLITUDE to where the tremolo begins to appear on the end of phrases.

To set standard tremolo, place the DEPTH knob at 12 and adjust AMPLITUDE to your liking.

To set a heavy tremolo, use maximum DEPTH and adjust AMPLITUDE to your liking
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