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Protection Racket

Protection Racket 5013R 13"x9" Tom Bag (Used)

Protection Racket 5013R 13"x9" Tom Bag (Used)

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This bag is in very good condition with no damage or tears. The zippers are working with no issues.The R designation on the model number means this bag can accomodate a rack tom that has a rim mounted suspension system.

From Protection Racket

All our tom cases are a highly practical 'Egg' shape. Designed to improve packing and guaranteeing a perfect tailored fit for toms with or without suspension mounts.

All sizes now featuring an improved clearer labelling system making drum identification simpler. Designed to significantly improve fit and reduce cases of misidentification, helps speed up packing and unpacking as well as assisting drummers to know exactly what they have and where it is. The main silicone label on each case now clearly states the type of drum and size it's designed to carry and protect, for instance TOM, 12” x 9”. This information is now larger and easier to read. The label continues to feature the iconic PR man.

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