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Purdy "MP-18" Redcoat 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp (Demo Stock)

Purdy "MP-18" Redcoat 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp (Demo Stock)

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From Purdy:

"Based on the classic sounds of the monsterous appeal of the British invasion era of tube amp tone, the Brit circuits are certainly in a class all on their own. Known for their bright, chimey and clear tone,  British Circuits have built their own camp of followers demanding crisp, clear, bell-like cleans, with a hot, dirty overdrive as well as a wide sonic range that captures the essence London at the height of the British rock scene. The Brit Series delivers that unmistakeable tone that will take you back to swinging London during the height of the British Discovery of Rock.

If you're looking for range from classic British rock chomp and howl to clean, bright, and chimey- clean tones The Brit is going to more than satisfy your tone jones. Like all Purdy Tube Amps, The Brit series look as incredible outside as they do inside, and are certain to capture people's attention.

Built with finger jointed void-free Baltic Birch cabinets, covered in blazing "Red Coat" tolex, and finished with the all the details such as period/manufacturer correct knobs, a chrome chassis, and a durable deep mounted handle.

The Brit is currently available in one configuration - a 1x12'  and is built with a heavyweight and period/ region correct Celestion G12-H30 Speaker and EL-84 power tubes."


  • 2xEL84 power tubes

  • 2x12Ax7 preamp tubes

  • Celestion G12H speaker

  • Drive, Tone and Volume controls

  • Hi/Lo inputs 

Weighs in at a very portable, 40lbs. 

Demo Stock. All Sales are Final.

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