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Purdy Tube Amps "Black Panel" Reverb Pedal (Demo Stock)

Purdy Tube Amps "Black Panel" Reverb Pedal (Demo Stock)

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This reverb pedal is based on '60s "Black Panel" reverb tone, considered by many (us included) to be the classic reverb tone of all time. This pedal is designed to deliver the reverb tone and range of the vintage amps that inspired it. 

Your new reverb pedal is a 3-stage analog design with preamp, driver, and recovery stages - the same stages found in tube reverb circuits. The "reverb tank" is a new-design compact module, combining advanced analog and digital technology to electronically product the mechanical response to characteristics of a full-size spring reverb tank.

From our own experience with vintage amplifiers, a high quality reverb circuit delivers added dimension and upper-frequency sheen to a great tube amp tone.

This pedal features our ground-plane circuit design, using a military grade glass-epoxy board with plated-through mounting holes for all components.

This pedal is wired for true bypass switching using a heavy duty 3PDT footswitch. Reverse polarity protection is included on the circuit board. A polarity diagram for DC adaptors is included on every pedal, located above the DC jack. 


Power: 9v Battery or 9v DC Adaptor 

DC Jack: Standard 2.1mm

Current Requirements: 30mA

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