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Purdy Tube Amps Tremolo Pedal

Purdy Tube Amps Tremolo Pedal

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What used to be built into the amplifier and used with a footswitch is now built into the footswitch and used with the amplifier. Far better than having the effect shoehorned into your circuit, and sounding every bit as good as the classic black faced counterparts - The Purdy Tube Amps Hand Built Tremolo Pedal delivers crisp, clean trem without putting junk in your trunk.

Built one at a time by hand, by the same master craftsman that builds each of our amplifiers - the Purdy Tube Amps Pedals are a great way to to experience some of our legendary sound, with your own gear.

We build pretty well everything you could ever need to get that classic tone out of your amplifier, and deliver them as a pedal so that you can put it into the front of the amplifier - where it should be.

The classic sounds of the 60's with our Fuzz, Overdrive, or Tremolo, or even our Reverb -which is the closest you'll get to a tank without having to invest in the springs. We also offer a "Boost" - giving you the semblance of an extra, footswitchable boosted clean channel, without bogging down your signal chain. 

Leveraging discreet analog components Purdy's "Pure Signal Path (PSP)" technology, our Purdy Tube Amps Pedals are priced well below other boutique pedals and deliver second to none sonic range & and value for the dollar.

Purdy Tube Amps Pedals - what you've been waiting for. 

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