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Roland SPD-SX Pro Percussion Sampling Pad

Roland SPD-SX Pro Percussion Sampling Pad

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Flagship Roland sampling pad with nine playing surfaces, eight external trigger inputs, colour display, customizable pad LEDs, onboard effects, and more.

The SPD-SX PRO is the ultimate sampling pad for the most demanding gigs. With years of road testing and extensive user feedback from the SPD-S and SPD-SX, the top-tier SPD-SX PRO raises the bar again. Harnessing the advanced sample pad technology of its predecessors, the SPD-X-PRO boasts an array of requested professional enhancements and is built for life on the road.

The SPD-SX PRO features a large 4.3-inch colour screen with backlit function buttons, tabs, and a jog-dial for easy navigation. Customizable multi-colour pad-dividing LED and trigger lights ensure all nine pads can be seen on dark stages. Assign any light to be one of ten preset colours or create custom colours.

Performances will be crystal clear thanks to 48kHz sample audio playback. Mixing on stage is easy with two balanced stereo master outputs - left and right. Combine those with four balanced mono audio outputs. Connect up to eight individual triggers for an even wider range of sounds. There are also inputs for hi-hat or expression pedal control and up to two footswitches.

With 32 GB of internal memory, nearly 44 hours of stereo audio in 48kHz can be stored inside the SPD-SX PRO - including 200 kits with 43 preset kits already installed. Plus, the pad comes loaded with 1,550 high-quality samples and sounds.

It's never been easier to set up a sampling pad. Connect the SPD-SX PRO to a computer via USB and import and edit samples, create kits, and adjust settings using the dedicated SPD-SX PRO App for Windows and Mac.

• Nine pads with Roland's advanced trigger technology, including six large pads and three top-row shoulder pads
• High-visibility, horizontal and vertical LEDs with multi-colour customization
• Increased shoulder pad sensitivity and improved crosstalk performance
• 4.3-inch colour display for easy navigation and viewing during performance
• Import 48/44.1 kHz (16-/24-/32-bit) WAV/AIFF files and MP3s (32320 kbps) with automatic conversion to 48 kHz/16-bit upon loading
• Stereo main output, four direct mono outputs, balanced for easy mixing on stage
• Connectivity for up to eight external individual triggers/pads (four stereo triggers or eight mono triggers with Y-cables)
• Dedicated SPD-SX PRO App for Windows/Mac for easy importing, managing samples, and deep kit editing
• 32 GB of internal storage for samples, backing tracks, and click tracks
• Input for hi-hat or footswitch expression control
• Connect hi-hats, kick, and snare for a 'mini drum kit' setup
• Up to 200 kit patches (43 erasable preset kits and 157 user kits)
• Over 1550 pre-loaded, high-quality samples and sounds
• 16-step pad sequencer function
• Onboard effects engine with up to four effects in parallel, plus side chain with output routing
• Built-in click/metronome
• Create in real time by recording performances as WAV files and assigning them to pads
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