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Sabian 13" B8 Hi-Hats (Used)

Sabian 13" B8 Hi-Hats (Used)

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These cymbals are in good condition with no cracks or keyoling. The logos are starting to fade but are still visible. There are no dings on the edges or anywhere on the cymbal.

From Sabian

Sabian B8 13" Hi-Hat Cymbals deliver crisp and lively stick and pedal responses. The cymbals are very bright and definite, clean and penetrating.

Bronze is the ultimate cymbal metal. For prices that make it easier to build the kit of your dreams, B8 offers a full range of precision-crafted bronze cymbals. Fully hammered and totally lathed to capture the bright, focused, and penetrating sounds of more expensive cymbals, B8 delivers the sound and value of Sabian bronze quality at the lowest possible prices.

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