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Seagull S6 Classic Black Acoustic/Electric Guitar SF

Seagull S6 Classic Black Acoustic/Electric Guitar SF

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The S6 Series sees a cool new addition to its lineup with the S6 Classic Black A/E. You can expect great playability and sound like the rest of the S6 Series line, but with a look that will stop you in your tracks!

The S6 Classic Black A/E will surely reel you in with its intense black semi-gloss top and blackwashed back and sides. Strum it for a sound that will resonate to your core, thanks to its vibrant solid cedar top and Wild Cherry body. Plug it in to experience another level of outstanding tone via the onboard Presys VT preamp system, as it amplifies the natural dynamic sound of your S6. The S6 Classic Black A/E is an acoustic that gives more for those who want more!

The SF stands for factory second and may exhibit small finish flaws. If noticeable we have included pictures. SF guitars are roughly 10% off. 

Body Depth
4.9" (124.46 mm)

Body Length
19.8" (502.92 mm)

Lower Bout
15.87" (403.1mm)

Nut Width
1.72" (43.69 mm)

25.5" (647.7mm)

Upper Bout
11.38" (289.05mm)

10.54" (267.72mm

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