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Silvertone 14646/26650 "100' Solid State Twin Twelve Amp (Used)

Silvertone 14646/26650 "100' Solid State Twin Twelve Amp (Used)

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This is a super vibey and cool vintage amp built sometime in the late 60's or sometime in the 70's. This is a project piece and is sold as is.

This amp is rated at 100 watts, but really runs more at 50 watts RMS. This amp most likey runs at 8 ohms, but there are no markings indicating that and there is conflicting information found online.

Please read all the info below before purchase

  • Both channel 1 and 2 work fine with both inputs on both channels, amp is noisy and the pots are a bit noisy as well but would most likely work fine after a cleaning.
  • The tremolo and reverb are not working. 
  • The top of chassis itself has a crack through (see pictures) It's still holding fairly solid though. 
  • Amplifier still has the original non detachable 2 prong power cable, anyone purchasing this amp will most likey want to upgrade that to a modern 3 prong
  • The speaker cable is non detachable and still working fine, but is a very thin & cheap cable to with extended use it may go down on you. 


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