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Swart OC44 Atomic Boost Pedal (Used)

Swart OC44 Atomic Boost Pedal (Used)

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This pedal is in overall good condition with some minor wear on the case. There is bit of wear on the back of the case where there was velcro as well as a bit of leftover residue. It has been fully tested and is working as it should. It does not come with the original box.

From Swart

Anyone that knows pedals knows the Dallas Rangermaster and the history behind it. Michael took one of the all time favorite gain boosters with that legendary tone and distortion and made it even more reliable and less prone to RF Bleed while still employing the much sought after vintage NOS Mullard CV7003 Transistor, a TIGHTER SPEC glass envelope OC44 made for Military applications. The key device to retaining this tone with boost is still here, just at a tighter tolerance..

  • Vintage NOS Mullard OC44 "glass" Transistor hand selected and gain tested.
  • All Point to Point Wiring - No Circuit Boards
  • Toggle between Mid or full boost, optional high boost with the sacrifice of mid or full boost
  • Full bypass switching
  • Blue Power LED
  • Dedicated 9v battery operation for cleanest power and lowest noise
  • Sound goes from a semi clean boost to over the top creamy tube distortion
  • Lovingly Hand-Built by Michael & Kent
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