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Tama HP200TW Double Bass Drum Pedal (Used)

Tama HP200TW Double Bass Drum Pedal (Used)

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This pedal is in good working condition with some cosmetic wear. All parts are working well with no issues and this pedal feels very smooth. One of the original beaters has been lost but has been replaced with a similar one. 

From Tama

Absolutely affordable in price, our new HP200 pedal is also completely professional in performance. Developed with the same concept as the Iron Cobra, the HP200 features the same offset Power Glide cam shape, beater angle adjustment and moveable hoop clamp of the Iron Cobra line. A new design dual-sided beater provides full volume and clear attack

Para Clamp: As with Iron Cobra pedals, the hood section of the hoop clamp rotates with angle of the bass drum hoop so your HP200 stays flat on the floor.

Spring Tension Adjustment: Inspired by Iron Cobra's "Spring Tight" feature, this specially shaped nut prevents the spring unit from loosening.

Beater Angle Adjustment: You won't find adjustable beater/floorboard angled on most pedals in this price range. But our new HP200 and HP10 come standard with an angle adjustment system linked to the footboard angle. And so you can easily recally your favourite angle setting, both the HP200 and HP200TW feature a special "Angle Memory Cap"

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