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TC Electronic

TC Electronic Polytune Tuner Pedal (Used)

TC Electronic Polytune Tuner Pedal (Used)

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This pedal is in good condition with some minor cosmetic wear on the case. It has been fully tested and is working well. It does not come with the original box.

From TC Electronic

Tuning used to be a necessary evil. The last barrier before you could get truly rocking. But now, tuning is ready to get blasted into the 21st century with PolyTune, the stomp-box sized tuning miracle from TC Electronic!

    •    PolyTune Technology - Tune All Strings Simultaneously
    •    Drop-D, flat tunings and capo-ed tunings
    •    Awesome chromatic tuner included

Polyphonic Tuning Couldn’t Be Done - Until We Did It
With PolyTune, you simply strum all strings on your guitar or bass at once, and it will immediately tell you which strings need tuning! It really is as simple as strum - tune - rock, and this quantum leap forward allows you to get in tune fast, and back to doing what you love: playing!
Tuning Modes
With modes ranging from Drop D, 5 semitones flat and capo tuning on frets 1-7 gives you the freedom to do what you want creatively and know PolyTune has your back.
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