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The Grombal Cymbal Mounting Grommet

The Grombal Cymbal Mounting Grommet

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Designed to simplify the drummer's life along with some added benefits. Not only does The Grombal® simplify your setup process, it offers greater sustain, and protects your valuable investment from keyhole damage!

The Grombal® fits directly in the hole of the cymbal and offers exceptional protection to your expensive cymbals, and will bring back to life your key-holed cymbals. 

The Grombal® offers fewer stand parts and improved set up and tear down time. 

The Grombal® stays on the cymbal, so you will not need to look for them when setting up your kit.
Great protection for your cymbal, and a awesome combination with the 
CymbalChief®. They work great on their own, and even better together. 

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