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Two Notes Audio

Two Notes ReVolt Bass Analog Amp Sim

Two Notes ReVolt Bass Analog Amp Sim

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Bass is the bedrock of your band, and the Two Notes ReVolt Bass's all-analog signal path, complete with a 12AX7 preamp tube — run at a healthy 200V — ensures a stand-out sound in any application. The ReVolt Bass's three channels deliver the full gamut of tones, from high-headroom cleans to old-school dirt to modern drive. You also get an integrated Dry/Wet blend for extra tone-shaping power. An analog speaker simulation ensures a polished, miked-cab sound, both onstage and in the studio. Integrating the ReVolt Bass with the rest of your rig is a cinch, thanks to a 4-cable mode, an FX loop, and MIDI I/O. This bass preamp pedal also includes a collection of ten DynIRs for situations where you need more DI flexibility. Bassists searching for a robust, made-to-move solution for their pedalboards and fly rigs will get tons of mileage out of the Two Notes ReVolt Bass.

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