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Xitone 12" Active Wedge (Used)

Xitone 12" Active Wedge (Used)

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Lightly used Xitone 12" Active Wedge in excellent shape. Recently checked out and is fully functional and sounds great!

From Xitone:

"Our 12″ wedge has been designed from the very beginning to sound and feel more like a guitar cab than a traditional PA wedge. This cab features a Dayton power amp, steel grille, steel handle and durable polyurea coating."

Features include:

  • Dayton Audio Power amp
    • 800w@4ohms
    • 600w for the woofer
    • 200w for the tweeter
    • 2 independently controllable input channels
      • each with 24db mic pads
    • Bluetooth functionality
    • Custom programmed DSP
    • Active crossover
    • 5 operating modes
  • Eminence Beta 12CX Coaxial driver
  • Eminence ASD:1001 tweeter
  • Tough and durable polyurea coating
  • Steel carrying handle
  • Steel grille
  • Rubber feet on bottom and side opposite handle for horizontal or backline positioning

Additional specs:
19.5″ wide by 16.5″ tall and 16.5″ deep
FRFR Mode +/-2.5db @80hz-20khz

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