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Yamaki F-160 Acoustic Guitar (1973-1974)

Yamaki F-160 Acoustic Guitar (1973-1974)

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This is a super cool vintage Yamaki acoustic guitar in good shape considering its age. A bridge re-glue was done in the past and has been checked out by our techs, the repair is stable and holding well. There is noticeable cosmetic wear on the the body but nothing that wouldn't be expected from a 50+ year old instrument. A full setup was done to this guitar and it was strung with D'Addario EJ16 12-53 gauge strings. 

The F-160 model featured an all solid wood construction with a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The hexagonal inlays in the fret board are abalone and look great, with that iconic Iridescence that abalone offers. A herringbone-esque purfling  as well as the rosette give this guitar a classic look. The F-160 was modeled after a Martin D-45 which is very obvious in all the design choices on this guitar.

Sound wise, this guitar has a very balance tone. Some of these older Yamaki models can be very boomy and bass heavy making for a muddy overall sound but this specific guitar doesn't seem to have that issue. And while it sounds fantastic with a flat pick as expectic, fingerstyle playing also sounds great due to the warm balanced tone.

This is a great vintage guitar for anyone looking for a great sounding and fairly rare instrument. As far as well can tell while doing research and checking old catalogs, this model was only offered from 1973 to 1974 and was made in Japan.

No case or gig bag is included.



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