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Zoom GFX-5 Guitar Effects Processor w/Box (Used)

Zoom GFX-5 Guitar Effects Processor w/Box (Used)

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This unit is in great condition with no damage or noticeable wear. It has been fully tested and is working with no issues. The original box is included but it doesn't come with a power supply, it can be powered with a regular 9v center negative pedal power supply with more than 300mA of output.

From Zoom

The ZOOM GFX-5 Multi-Effects Pedalboard is an extensive, powerful pedalboard featuring 15 authentic amp models, 15 classic effects including an all-new ENERGIZE effect, a drum machine based on ZOOM's famous RhythmTrak drum machines, and six seconds of sampling memory in a road-worthy metal enclosure. Built for the stage, the GFX-5 features stereo outputs, three variations of acoustic simulator, tap tempo for matching your effects to the drummer, and long (10 hours) battery life.

15 Amp Models
Each of the 15 amp models can be thoroughly tweaked via three control parameters: DRIVE, which varies the gain, TURBO that boosts sound pressure for heavier distortion, and EDGE, a high-frequency booster.
74 Total Variations of 15 Classic Effects
Each of the eight effect modules can be altered to suit your needs. The status of each module is clearly visible on the lit status board.
It's rare to find a new effect, especially one this useful. Made for playing with a band, the ENERGIZE effect boosts mids and highs, giving you the extra punch need to make sure you don't get lost in the mix.
Real-Time Modulation
Vary the gain on the distortion circuit, the wet/dry mix of the reverb, chorus speed, or any of up to 61 effects. If you press the pedal down fully, you can switch the selected module on and off.
Built-In Sampling Memory
Up to six seconds of sampling lets you play back recorded phrases at half or quarter speed, with pitch unaffected, to learn difficult passages. Or use it live as a trigger for the sample of your choice.
Built-In Drum Machine
The same realistic PCM drum sounds that made the RhythmTrak machines so popular are here in the GFX-5. Sixty patterns are installed, with tempo manually adjustable or tempo-tappable, your choice.
Chromatic Tuner
A built-in chromatic tuner uses an innovative rotating-ring symbol.
Made for Easy Editing
Following ZOOM's method of using analog controls for digital settings, the GFX-5's parameter controls are all out in the open for you to tweak. There are no layers of menus to sift through.
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